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KOG Games’ anime-style MMO KurtzPel is now available as a free-to-play offering on Steam Early Access. The game will launch in both the North and South American regions later this summer, but until then, players can still download and play the game for free.

Those a bit more invested in the game can buy one of two Founder’s Packs, limited-release items that include special costume sets and DLC. Both of these packs run $15 and there’s also a Starter Pack available for $3 that includes some cosmetic items.

More details on all of these packs are available on the game’s Steam page.

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  1. I don’t quite get the point of this game. It’s insanely grindy. The couple hours I played, there were only 6 “story” missions, 3 for your chosen class/karma and 3 to unlock the other one. After that, it’s just repeating the same missions over and over. For what purpose? I don’t really know. You get points to upgrade equipment and points I assume to level up your karma. I was about half way to getting 3 stars on my karma classes which I assume upgrades them, then I decided this is stupid. If you wanted to unlock an entirely new karma, that’s 75000 points, I was around 1500 maybe after a couple hours. 1 character slot, 10 dollars for additional slots. I guess you don’t need multiple since you can switch classes, but still… This is really disappointing. Maybe I’m just missing something but all there is to do that I found is grind. No levels, nothing like that. Equipment is scarce as well.

    • its mostly focused on pvp thats about it the pve missions are for getting rep with the npc’s to get new items/skills and thats about it


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