It looks like the Rift team is pretty happy with its idea of making giant versions of the everyday creatures of Telara that generally end up in “Kill 10 X” quests. Last week, they offered players a peek at the latest critter to be promoted to World boss, the giant crab Thelori-iskzah. As of today’s update, he’s officially joined Alisich and Eki’i to seek revenge on those mercilessly murdering his smaller brethren.

As with the first two giant critters, Thelori-iskzah requires players to summon him by killing as many of his little look-alikes as they can. (It seems a bit counter to the whole revenge thing when you think about it, but it is what it is.) Once summoned, the giant crab will hang out for about 45 minutes trying to take out every player it can. If he’s not dead by the time those 45 minutes are up, he’ll just head off to do whatever it is giant crabs have to do. But, if the players in the area are capable of taking him down before then, they walk away with nifty rewards. A FAQ about the world bosses is available on the Rift forums, but it is the same one they had before.

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