Another Grand Chase Character Debuts As New Melee Slayer Class In Fighting Game KurtzPel

Players can earn additional in-game resources for playing the character.

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KOG Games has released the newest Karma Master "Dancer of Prophecy" for the free-to-play fighting game KurtzPel, modeled after one of the original Grand Chase characters Amy Plie. The Karma is a melee slayer class that wields chakrams, weaving in and out of combat and gaining the upper hand on enemies.

All players can jump into KurtzPel today and utilize the new Karma's high mobility and unsuspecting assault damage. Part of its flair comes from dancing, allowing the Karma to dash around and chain attack enemies. The Dancer of Prophecy Karma can also charm their adversaries. You can get the gist of the moveset of the melee slayer class within the Dancer of Prophecy trailer below.

In celebration of the patch release, KOG Games is rewarding players for using the Dancer of Prophecy Karma. Between June 22 and July 6, anyone who uses the Karma will earn an additional 30% AP and GP. Players can use those extra resources to gain more items, costumes, and equipment faster.

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