There have been a few stories running around regarding APB Reloaded closing a deal about hitting the retail shelves during the holidays.

Here is GamersFirst response to clarify the information: “Given that APB Reloaded has been the most talked about online game this summer and its unprecedented growth in open beta players, it has become very attractive to large institutions in the game distribution business. In just 6 weeks of open beta the game has attracted over 600,000 users and over a quarter million fans on the game’s fan page on Facebook. As a result of this success, we’ve been approached by retail partners to launch the title on retail shelves. Although we are evaluating our options, we have not picked a potential partner as of now. GamersFirst is also committed to the Free2Play® model and any retail strategy will be guided by those principles. “ From Rahul Sandil, Senior Vice President of Marketing, PR & Business Development.


  1. Gamerfirst is a crappy company they got alot of games shutdown because they are very poor not a good buniss just change to another company overpriced weapons. Making money problems even wrost.

  2. Before apb should charge any more fees for this game they should sort out the hackers that are in it or else ppl wont want to play it anymore.

  3. in my opinion its a waste of money to put it into box form becuz theres already a f2p download system for it but if you like a boxed version i guess you could have it

  4. I watched my friend play this yesterday and I have to say I am pretty impressed. It looks great (although the car handling is… not so impressive lol) and the community is fairly large at the moment. It takes a bit to get used to as far as moving from districts n such but the game play is very unique and I think this is going to attract a lot of people. People who had bought the game prior to this going F2P are going to get special items n such so no biggy really, unless you’re just looking for something to whine about. The store looks a little lop sided though and I am afraid this will be yet another “cash shop gives advantages” game that is going to sink itself. The prices aren’t much but it’s not the amount, it’s that they have items that you can use to win that will irk people the most. It’s worth a look though.

  5. lol there are manny permanent weps , and they are cheap like shit , i dont know how can they live just from that premium items they are too cheap

  6. I can tell you now this game is Not going full retail again. Maybe for extra’s yes. But it’s Not going full retail. gamers 1st is a free to play gaming company not retail.

  7. I hear all the time on retail games that go free to play that the players that have already bought it throw a fit about having to pay for the same game that others can now play for free.If they do decide to make this game retail again,it’s like the same thing.only they’re screwing over the free to play community that haven’t had a chance to play the game yet.Not only that what’s going to happen to that community?Are they going to have to start to pay?

  8. Well i still win quite a few missions and i don’t pay for anything with real money toward’s the game. so i don’t think it’s buy to win or pay 2 to win.

  9. James, sorry I didn’t mean B2P, I meant B2W (Buy2win or is it Pay2win….idk) The6Freak, It depends on how a person at the store would feel They can either think that there’s no point in buying the game while it’s free, even if there are bonuses, or they can simply like it and buy it 🙂

  10. If this happens then my bet is that it will be one of those deals like; “Well, you could buy the physical game and get these special exclusive in-game items, or simply download and play for free.” Sounds like a good idea to me if this is the case, if it even happens at all.

  11. Fear not. This game wil remain free to play the retail is only to give you a weapon card and a few other bit’s just like they did warrock and it’s Crap and dont bother wasteing your money. Enjoy your game for free.

  12. I agree Densle, and Gomez, if they make the retail give you perm guns and cars, and an extra char slot, then it will ruin the fun for all the F2P players and simply just make the game B2P

  13. Unleash the Fury did this like 2 years back or so. The game close down immediately.

    I am afraid that this will ruin the game a lot because they will focus more on the paying players then free to play players.

    • From what I’ve heard, the game is just battlefield heroes (Overpriced weapons, none of the free ones permanent.) Now it’s gonna be boxed.

  14. The only good idea of going on stores with APB Reloaded, would be a game code card that will unlock different things in the game account like Retail Version 1: 4 character slots instead of 2 + 1 free permanent weapon for each character. Retail Version 2: 1 free permanent weapon + 1 permanent car from those available now for a limited time for each of the 2 characters Of course there will be also a manual and a game DVD. In this way, people who have already a dowloaded account can buy the game and only add that key, and for others who just see the game in the shop, it will be advertised as a Buy once and Play forever as it is Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 will be. The price of the retail version should be cheaper than the same purchases made in-game, so in that way they can even sell the game to current beta players. I personally would buy the game and just add that code to my account to unlock those things and in the same time having a game pack than just buy them digitally and more expensive

  15. I don’t think it will through, and if it does it’s useless, ( like when GA made you pay to use Jet packs in dome city, and yet no one uses it) Online gamers don’t go to Walmart, Gamestop etc. To look for online games, they look ONLINE.

  16. My guess is they’ll bring up Premium membership and have locked areas/items for them. I think our dear GF is turning into Turbine.

  17. The moment this games becomes B2P, it will go the way of RTW. Isn’t it already enough that G1 already has cash shop with overpriced items, now they are possibly thinking of making everyone pay for the friken game? Especially when they can already download it? F2P, B2P, Pay2P? Which is it?
    I doubt people play F2P games and hope in the future it will be P2P.

  18. I don’t see how they’re going to pull this off. If it’s a F2P game how would they sell it in stores? Unless they gave you cashshop currency in the retail version of the game, but even then it’s not really useful.

    • This thing you’re talking about, lets remind you something – Maplestory done it too, and it was a success.
      But I’m not saying that this would be like maplestory, so heres the answer:
      The game is BIG, not a small download, nor patch, to enter the game and play.
      People who wouldn’t like to wait for such long time will just buy the game disc…

        • I’m going to ask you this: Since when downloading APB Reloaded takes 20 minutes?? I agree with this about games as maplestory, but let me exchange this to WoW, which doing it’s way to be F2P: WoW is for sale on stores, lots of ’em.
          The game download is unavailable for download as a legal, free version, which means it’s suppose to be sold on stores, but lets say that Blizzard will keep going and eventually will release almost fully-free version, lets say with a few premium things that will go only to who pays, like happens in Age of Conan: Unchained.
          The game, as I know- without Cataclysm (WoW, The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King), and before expansions that will come for sure untill WoW will be a F2P game, is about 17 Gigas or something like that.
          So lets think, if it will be necessary to have all the expansions to play, who will download all of the game parts wich will probably weight about 30 Gigas or higher?
          So they will download parts of it, it is still a bigger game to compare to APB but I think you got my point.

          • By the way, I forgot to mention that probably if this game is F2P and will hit retail shelves, who buys the game’s box will probably gain premium items, AKA weapons, clothing, cars or what ever comes in GamersFirst mind.

    • A lot of F2P Games put boxed versions out as well. They sell it for a few reasons. One is that they almost always come with Item Shop cash to spend. And second they nearly always give you some special that free players can never have unless they buy the box version. A lot of times it’s just special pets, special looks, etc, but they are unique and if you don’t buy the boxed version you’ll never get to use them. So with the game coming with Item Shop cash to spend along with special and unique items that even those that pay to play online will never be able to get (unless they go get the box too), that and it’s a semi big game and a lot of people love to skip the download if possible. So you see there are a number of reasons that lots of people will buy it. Some who wouldn’t have wanted to have been bothered to mess around downloading it may feel fine about picking it up in the store. Other impulse buys will happen, etc. And the bonuses they give make it worth buying even if you already have downloaded the game. It’s like how some people will pay extra to get Special Editions just to get a few bonus items that others won’t have. It definitely will sell some copies.


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