GamersFirst present “Be All You Can’t Be,” an action-packed video trailer for APB Reloaded. Epic shootouts, murderous schoolgirls, slow motion, YouTube celebrities and much more.


  1. lmao now i see where all the money spent by players in the ARMAS market went haha cause it sure as hell aint went into fighting the hacker infestation.

  2. video is a way too nice and yeah action scenes from gme are maded and maynot represent in game action since cars blow a bit easily under those heavy fire xD.
    still game is pretty good as this trailer is 😀

  3. Video is fake lol,
    Bullets are not supposed to pass through the vehicles(1:23)
    whats the big point in showing Obeya hand gun , i mean who would take a bubble gun to a shootout ?and still bullets passing thru players and cars in (2:08)
    u wont die with 1 shot from the shotgun even in 0 m range (2:18)
    There is no emote to kiss another char in APB (2:52)
    Vegas cant carry 4 people at a time -.-(3:03)

    and thr is no slow motion in APB, or u cant slide on cars !
    i mean whats the BIG EPIC point in showing a video with everything fake ?

    Well APB is a VERY NICE GAME but this video is just epic crap if its to show the gameplay of APB.
    but if its a funny teaser trailer OK !

    thats it guys …….

  4. APB is a extremelly nice game , for me is the best game atm , even if I have a nab pc and G1 has nub staff that ban randomly , watch this video and u wont want to see a gameplay 🙂 bcuz game is very realistic

  5. lol , pff , and again NICE VIDEO ! not Game ) , where is Hackers , why they not show in video Hackers ? )))

    Nah . even after this vid i dont wanna back to this game . This Only Video and in True Gameplay this game need really nice WORK .

    But really cool Movie)


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