APB:Reloaded to try, try, try again with new engine

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor October 21, 2013

APB? That cop and robber MMO failure that came from the now defunct Reatime Worlds? Yeah, that game.

After the collapse of Realtime Worlds, APB was purchased by K2 Network and developed by Reloaded Productions. Even after the acquisition, the relaunched APB (Aptly named APB:Reloaded) didn't quite surpass its predecessor. With a canceled open beta due to an error causing players to crash every two hours, the relaunch didn't quite propel it into success. Even with the major drawbacks to the game, it garnered a dedicated community and a very dedicated developers who saw the potential in the game with its unique features.

APB:Reloaded has been relatively quiet for the past couple of years, so, it came as a surprise that APB:Reloaded will be reloaded (Cymbal crash) into a new engine. According to the dev blog post.

An upgraded engine would let us tackle important things like min-spec system performance, lighting system improvements, net code improvements and new graphic card optimizations and it would likely lead to a faster content creation pipeline by taking advantage of new systems available in the updated engine.

Hopefully once APB: Reloaded finishes rebooting itself for the third time (Third time is the charm!), its can finally properly showcase its unique features.

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Michael Dunaway
Michael Dunaway, News Editor
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Discussion (37)

Hank 6 years ago
These clueless idiots claimed that armas guns were OP. Lol.

HiXiangu 7 years ago
I agree that the game is unique. But to have weapons with pre-set time, just to make this feature particularly repellent.

Andrew 7 years ago

I just hope I won't lag like a bitch this time.

capoe 7 years ago
The game sucks cause 99.9% of the guns suck,the same old maps for years..boring timed missions..list is endless for this one..small is all i got to say.

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GMAlonzo 7 years ago
Ratings 4/10, only thing saving this game is the customization. Besides that, hackers everywhere, GM's don't seem to care and the ones that did care got fired , and the other ones were told not to have any communication with players within the game. Slow content , only 2 maps, and one map keep coming back for only 2 weeks, a clear sign that the people who work there isn't doing their jobs. Great game but wish it was manager under a different company.

As for the upgraded engine, a little too late IMO. I still play from time to time, but i haven't decided if i will return for good yet. I rather have the old threat back before the upgrade engine though, but i am sure its never going to happen.

Meh 7 years ago
Maybe they will actually add some PvE (like missions in GTA Online) if they actually want to even stand a chance against GTA Online. Everyone is playing GTA Online now and it's like 20 times better than this PvP P2W bullshit they got going on. Even the customization which is the only good thing about this game is only enjoyable with real money. Unless they give us some free customization items and some PvE this new engine won't make any difference.

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Salim98 7 years ago
no,no i only know one thing and that thing is"Only In Da Battlefield" BumBuzZ

HellcatM 7 years ago
I liked the basic idea of the game, it had some nice ideas but with to many people using hacks it was just broken. I also think the game should have a cover system which would make it better in many ways. I hope third time is a charm.

YuJay 7 years ago
I loved this game, and I really enjoyed it the most when RTW owned it, I was able to keep my subscription going by buying and selling items to the market.

Since G1 took over the game, it fell to the bottom of my list.. the lack of Admin support, Anti-cheat and gross number of cheaters on the game ruined a really good game.

Worst thing about the cheaters on APB is that their all trollers..
Aimbotters Hate the LTL weapons, when you arrest them, it really pi**es them off, they call you all sorts of things, but the bottom line is.. LTL Weapons have the lowest TTK of all weapons..

Some how all the aimbot managed to band together on the forum and have LTL weapons nerfed and added a tone of recoil to them..

I hope I can transfer my character to the new engine, and hope it deals with the cheaters..
I hope this is a idea to help relieve the cheating problem, and not a way to implement more mechanics to sell more things with micro translations, such as EXP Boosts, Premium access only areas.

RipRoar 7 years ago
This game was great, until all the damn aimbot cheaters came in and made it no fun.

Razer 7 years ago
The performance was definitely an issue but it's a bit low on the list of complaints compared to things like game balance.

Luna-Is-Best-Pony 7 years ago
Quit playing this game about 2 - 3 years ago, lots of team killing happening in pvp and really wasn't worth playing. Also that mission balancing was bad I was level 27 facing a level 50. Might have to re-download this game. -Currently playing Firefall ( only game that I haven't gotten bored of and un-installed, played for about atleast 5 days of gameplay, I have played for 35 days with about 2-4 hours per day )

Time Muffin 7 years ago
I was really into this game until I got banned for no discernible reason and no one was willing to help. Never cheated and barely ever talked to anyone in-game. Took a break for like 3-4 months, came back, and the game was just like "nope."

It's a pretty big bummer. I spent a decent chunk of change and dumped quite a bit of time into it and to just have it taken away without any warning for a reason you're not even sure of leaves a really sour taste in my mouth.

vixion 7 years ago
oh and remember, if you don't have a really good computer to play this at constant 60+ fps you have a disadvantage against those with high end computers, i've seen the difference and it's so much easier to aim and the gameplay in general is far superior when there's no lag/freezes or fps drop

vixion 7 years ago
the game stops being fun once you reach gold threat. either play with a team with teamspeak or you lose all the time. but the real fun of this game is in bronze/silver districts where you can rob stores, or patrol the streets for criminals. and then there's the joker tickets which you only get by doing some really boring activities each week, it really feels like chores.

extasist 7 years ago
when is that new update? car handling is terrible its like you always on ice, hope that "engine" will any good if not not worth giving a second chance.

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Alonxx 7 years ago
Already put this update?

Gilfox 7 years ago
that means they are going to reset the accounts right? damn it i had a cool character there. The game was nice, but like most people said here,the cash shop guns were op. also, i dont play in a long time, maybe it updated, but why the game never had some sort of friend search if you were a cop VS criminal? because i had friends on both sides. to have friends in a cop group and not to play against them is lame.

Makaveli 7 years ago
This game was awesome remember playing it back 2011. Just so happen the cash shop weapons are so many nowadays when I tried to rejoin again this year. Too many Over Powered cash shop weapons. Gameplay is okay for me, Ping is good. even if I am at the SEA back then and now I am probably at EU region the internet much better. Hope to see it again wanted to play it again. Community is good. I made lots of friends here to online. Good Clans to, Rivalries on both sides of criminals and cops are also friendly "if you know how to approach." I never whine about the preset guns on games it really depends on the way how you play your role as a shooter. I dont know about the lately problem about the game itself now but hope for the better for this game. Love to come back :)


Bic Boi 7 years ago
They keep mentioning performance as the main reason for changing the engine..but if you've played it long enough you'd know there's a far larger problem with the game -- hacks. The game and the devs have offered almost no real defense against hack abuse and as a result there's a lot of aimbot stupidity.

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hey 7 years ago
The halloween update will be cool, i want to get the devil wings and glowing weapons skins :D

PnumbraViktus 7 years ago
I've tried this game several times, it's okay but for some reason I didn't like it enough to keep playing, can't put my finger on it.

Casualslacks 7 years ago
As a solo-player when APB originally came out, I found that I could have a really exciting 30 minutes and spend the next week trying to duplicate the experience. The character creation suite was one of the best I've ever used. The customization options for designs and music death themes were outstanding. However, APB was and still is a sandbox with little to do until you take the missions that put you in direct conflict with the opposing faction. If you take missions, you'll probably fail until you start playing on a regular team. The technical problems with the game, especially with AMD quad cores just made everything annoying, but not necessarily unplayable. The Reloaded version of the game fixed a lot of the technical problems, but it was still a sandbox with not much to discover. Also, the speculation that your opponent is good because they're cheating will always linger after you've been one-shotted by a grenade shot from an impossible distance with pinpoint accuracy.

Jowns 7 years ago
I played APB Reloaded for a few months a year ago.
My problems with the game were are the cash shop weapons are incredibly OP essentially making the game Pay 2 Win unless you dedicated 100s of hours to hit the max rank to buy the best mods to somewhat compete with the cash shop weapons.
And that was enough to make me stop playing.

What I liked about APB Reloaded was the customization. Like seriously nothing comes close to it.
It had a GTA feel to it, the music was decent, and the designs of the cities were excellent.

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Name (Required) 7 years ago
i tried to play this game once. i hated the "anti-cheat" software it used as it would never allow me access to the game. after hours and hours of research trying to fix the problem to no avail i gave up. same thing happened with another game... can't remember the name... was a cartoony shooter.

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Tio_Z 7 years ago
I'll give it a shot. It ain't a bad game when your ping is alright and not spiking around. Some folks just take it too seriously and lose the fun scope of it being a game (much like World of Tanks I'm afraid).

chefmadness 7 years ago
Mounted. This game is ok.

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