Season 4 of Apex Legends, Assimilation, is underway, bringing with it a major map update and a new legend who’s “Consumed by hate and obsessed with revenge.” In other words, he’s a competitive PvP gamer.

Revenant is Apex Legends’ 12th playable character, and he’s a sneaky git. He can crouch-walk faster and climb higher walls than other legends, and he can toss a grenade that disables enemy skills for 10 seconds. His ultimate ability is a Death Totem, which prevents allies from being killed or downed.

The other big change coming with this update is an update to the World’s Edge map that’s designed “to get players to make new decisions.” As described in detail on a dev blog, the map features changes both big (there’s a giant laser drill now) and small (new weapon racks in the Survey Camp) and the very big (Capitol City’s been cut in half!). And did we mention there was lava?

With the new season also comes a new battle pass, of course, as well as a new sniper rifle, new ranked season, and the usual mix of bug fixes and quality-of-life changes. Log in before Feb. 11 to pick up a free Anniversary celebration pack, which includes an Origami Flyer charm, Loyalty badge, and 10x XP for your first match of each day. You can check out the full patch notes on Apex Legends’ Trello.


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