Internet users who spend any time on social media — basically the vast majority of us — have probably come across videos from TikTocker William Knight. That’s the person with stellar fashion choices who does the “no such thing as a coincidence” videos. And if you are, you’ve probably also noticed a lot of people making a lot of comparisons to the latest Apex Legends character The Seer — (or Obi, according to the latest video on the Apex Legends YouTube account.) Even Knight noticed.

It’s kind of hard to argue that there’s not some comparison to be had. That said, I’m not sure their origin stories might be the same. According to videos posted on the Apex Legends Twitter account, the Seer’s story is an all around tragic one spanning at least a few lifetimes and beginning with a blind princess, her true love, and a cursed moth. It seems to come together an indeterminant amount of time later when the Seer is born as Obi during a cataclysmic event. See, lots of tragedy. So, here’s hoping that the only things The Seer and Knight really have in common is an unquestionable sense of style.

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  1. Man people these days trying to cancel everything.
    Just cuz the character is black and lean he thinks it’s him?


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