The next update for Apex Legends doesn’t have the flashiest feature list, but it does address some of the community’s concerns with audio issues, hit detection, and — most importantly — crashes.

The audio engine will be 30% more efficient overall, which reduces the chance of distortion or dropouts, while enemy footsteps will be louder and have a higher sound priority overall. If your ears have been bleeding from the sound of wind rushing by as you plummet from the dropship, rejoice! Respawn Entertainment will reduce all sounds “during the character select screen through the end of the drop sequence.” Now if they could only do something about that annoying guy in our voice chat.

Hit detection improvements continue apace, with Respawn working on fixes while also acknowledging that “simple internet connection problems” can often be the cause of these issues. As a result, the network problem indicator icons in the upper-right corner of the screen will be more picky and show up more often.

Finally, Respawn has notified Intel about crash issues that PC players with their CPUs have been having. Lowering clock speed is one option for players, though Respawn is also adding a workaround in this patch for the one function that’s causing the problem.

The May update is due to go live early next week. Learn more about everything that’s included on the Apex Legends site.


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