Apex Legends Players Get Data Stolen When Trying To Use Cheats, Others Bemoan New Microtransactions


In case anyone wasn’t sure, sometimes, when you do something shady, shady stuff will happen to you. If you need proof of this, we have a story involving Apex Legends and CSGO players downloading cheat software only to have their personal information stolen. This sucks, obviously, and we feel bad for anyone getting their identity stolen. But it shouldn’t be a surprise.

According to a report from Kotaku, players of both games had their information stolen when they downloaded what they assumed was cheat software. The malware — known as Baldr — pulled credit card details, login info for a variety of sites, and general identity information. This data was then sold off.

The data theft has been being tracked by Sophos threat researcher Alber Zsigovits who told Kotaku that the software was “effective at bursting in, grabbing everything and rushing out again.” So far somewhere between 500 and 600 instances of the software have been tracked — mostly in the US, Brazil, Russia, and Indonesia.

In additional Apex Legends news, the developer is receiving some heat over the new Iron Crown Event — particularly the Iron Crown collection packs that players will have to buy if they want to complete the Bloodhound’s Heirloom set. Players have noted that they only get two packs in the game and everything else must be bought — meaning players will need to spend over $150 to get everything.



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