“ArcheAge is Jake Song’s brainchild, the mind behind the international hit Lineage, and Scott Hartsman, CEO of Trion Worlds, was ecstatic to be able to bring it to a brand new audience: “We knew [Song] was going to make a great game. Watching the game grow and evolve made us even more interested in the eventual localization, and when we finally got to it we became very excited to be working with him,” Hartsman noted in an interview with MMOBomb.


“It’s about giving choice to players as a throwback to the old days without instructions, with people requesting or offering service in-game. The best way to do that is engage with other players. Defend from pirates, be social, get some combat in, or maybe not.” Hartsman went on to explain this notion further, citing the sheer amount of things to do as aspects that invite players of all types.

“The breadth of activity is just insane, and no matter what you’re into, if you branch out and try different things, the more you find things you enjoy. I’ve had people who wanted to go PvE only for a crafter’s paradise, and they mastered crafting, but found that there were always people who would buy those things, and wanted to befriend them. People who didn’t care about PvP before were slowly finding a more team-oriented environment, so the game tends to lend itself well to friends and variety.”

But crafting and team-building aren’t all ArcheAge has to offer, with plenty of combat for those who seek it out and explosive naval battles to boot: “There are huge ships and tiny rowboats for one person to massive warships with 9 or 10 crew members to man the cannon, the crow’s nest, and other areas. And that can lead to what I call ‘oh, sh** moments.'” Hartsman was particularly exuberant about this fact, the excitement practically bubbling off of him.


When asked about what he was most excited about given the upcoming beta release, he exclaimed “Holy sh**, it’s the beta!” near the beginning of our chat. It’s clear that this kind of passion for what will undoubtedly be a memorable and inviting experience for players tired of the same old thing will be a boon for Trion Worlds and XLGAMES alike.

“It’s all about the unexpected moments,” he gushed. “You can really tell [XLGAMES] went out of their way to make an internally consistent world.”

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  1. just one thing guys if u r trying to play Archeage without being a premium then dont even bother p-laying it cuz its all about craft and nonn premium users have no chance with labor points or just wait 2 days to make one fckin item tata thats it …………….. NEXT please

    • Dude game is free as far as i know, and i know really good the game is going to be f2p the labor sistem is the same for ftp and patrion status and please dont comment if you dont know what the hell are you talking about. World full of brain dead people -.-

  2. well considering Archeage has existed in other countries and technically is ready for release just needs text changes and graphical it will be more than polished for the US release when it comes time for Open beta but I am signed up and have been apart of Trion community for 2 years now almost and the last closed beta they held which was for defiance I got in sooo crossing my fingers that I will get into this one also.

  3. Terrible game, end game content consists of ganking other players who are just trying to do quests or hoarding the world bosses. If you do not belong to one of the three biggest guilds you lose.

    Do not expect any castle fights either because owners are too scared to lose them so they stay shut up.

    • I suggest trying it again in launch.
      You must have played/seen the limited alpha, where not even a quarter of the playerbase is.
      Larger playerbase = more guilds = more action = more things in general to do.

      End game is.. well depends on you. You can be a crafter for ages, trader, mercenary for hire, pirate. You can choose to gank people if that’s really what your into. You can be a land monopolist, you can be whatever you can be within the limits of the game ofcourse, all the way to the supposed “end-game”

      • I also shill for Trion and provide cheap $5 handjobs to the CEO and developers every night when I’m not working the street corner.

      • No I played the Korean version in beta up to post launch and checked in every so often after.
        If you think this game is sandbox you must have not played Star Wars Galaxies or Wurm.

          • Eh, you will see when you play this game that I already got into and played extensively and saw massive flaws over a year ago.

            A LOT of people care about Star Wars Galaxies btw.

  4. Korea’s ArcheAge launched in January 2013, so this isn’t even a new game thus not worth any kind of ‘pre-order’ founder pack crap.

  5. I wish Trion luck with killing yet another MMO.

    Nice founders packs. Lets see how those work out killing the hype for your game.
    RIP Archeage.

    • Simples, think FP is overpriced? Don’t buy.
      Keep in mind this used to be a p2p game.. with all things considered, it’s very fairly priced.
      FP are more of a Rush Start pack, the 150 one is tailored toward those who want to pirate immediately.

      The hype is still very much real (pretty much all the websites that had CBT keys went down from all the traffic)

    • Exactly We Crafters we’re always being left out but now our time to shine has come!
      Nobody will say that my Cooking Skills are useless!

  6. good i was waiting for this game glad i will be able to try it soon.Btw is MMOBOMB gonna give by any chance keys for ArcheAge before cb starts?

    • you will either be invited by e-mail if you sign up
      otherwise, you have to buy a pack, the lowest costs 45 EUR which gives you instant CBT access

      better sign up on the official site soon so you get the chance to be invited

      word of the wise – if there is a game you wanna play, wait for the official website to launch with the signing up, thats how i was invited in to Everquest Landmark

      • Wait one month after OB launch because of full servers, bugs, compromises. Sometimes weeks of worked accidently erased in their account management…

        • After WoW went OB, they stopped publishment, wiped the shelves of exisiting boxed copies and went back tot he drawing board before re-opening XD

          • hmm ye i guess if thats how they gonna do it(with packs or just w8 on luck)might as well wait on OB plus the whole bugs/glitches thing i wanna help them and report anything but find but i wont pay them for it.They supposed to pay me for my help not the other way around so guess OB it is


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