Good things are on the horizon for fans of the upcoming sandbox MMORPG ArcheAge. A new announcement from Trion Worlds places ArcheAge’s Closed Beta events starting sometime around mid-to-late July. Yes this is later than the originally planned Closed Beta schedule set for June, but there’s a good reason! The delay is intended to give Trion time to test the new Patch 1.2 update for ArcheAge which will bypass all the controversy causing issues implemented in the original Korean 1.0 update.

In order to prepare for the Closed Beta, Trion is setting up a seperate Alpha server with all the newly introduced 1.2 changes, but will not include some of Trion’s unique additions, such as Gilda Star rewards for international trade routes and storyline quests earning experience.

Trion says the decision to leave out these changes was made so that players could focus on testing the baseline 1.2 version first. It’s important to note this alpha server (named Omega) will operate completely separate from the current alpha server which is intended to host the upcoming Beta build.

ArcheAge’s Closed Beta will be broken up into mini-events which are said to last between three to five days, with players randomly being sent invitations unless they’ve opted to purchase any of the game’s Founder’s Packs. Following the Closed Beta events, Trion will conduct an Open Beta before finally wiping all progress in preparation for launch later this year.

If you’re interested in learning more about what 1.2 has in store for ArcheAge you can check out the full 1.2 Update patch notes here.

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  1. What really grinds my gears is that in a forum post Trion has claimed they will not make the game “P2W” but as a person who played the Russian AA and knowing alot about the game Trion has already broken their promise, Reason being people who buy the founders packs get a 4 day headstart. The other things are really bad and idk why they are even in the pack except for the currency. The headstart allows people to claim land “which is really REALLY important if you want anything to do with crafting/some quests” and seeing as there is a limited amount of land and in the Russian AA land ran out pretty fast and people were selling land to players, Giving players who buy the founders pack a 4 day headstart allows them to claim a majority of the land with their mains/alts/guilds who will then monopolize all the land. If that’s not P2W idk what is.

  2. you know closed beta will take prolly another month , AND , you have to buy founders pack to be able to play , AND there will be a wipe after, AND after prolly some server tweaks and urgent mantenaince / patch…..

    so be lucky if theres a open beta in august/september.

    for me and for lots of people the hype already gonne and tired of waiting , Trion is doing a BAD job and people a sick of it.

    PLUS , lots of new and good games going open beta/closed beta in july , august , september , Trion is just making a fool of themselves…… fail

    • “PLUS , lots of new and good games going open beta/closed beta in july , august , september” I really don’t know any other games that are coming out in that period that might be actually worth playing except ArcheAge… and atleast Trion is more concerned for their fans and what do they’re fans want (if you actually disagree on this then you haven’t really researched a lot) but it’s true though that they’re milking money out of the alpha which is kinda stupid…

  3. I like how trion is handling this. I know some people are growing impatient and such, but there’s so many games coming out incomplete with lots of bugs and stuff. They are trying to actually make the game playable with no bugs and such, and not just some quick cash with shitty buggy gameplay. I can’t wait!

    • lol you funny, you know that Archeage is out in other markets for almost 2 years now, and they still HAVE bugs.

  4. Trion sure loves its founders packs.
    Makes sense since that’s the -only- way they make any money on their sh*t games.

    Meanwhile every F2P game with a founders pack is now dead or dying. gg. It’s a horrid system.

    • I highly doubt the game is going to die soon or later. Even though most people love the game it’s mixed with something new that most people haven’t tried. This game will more likely to have a good run until Black Desert Online and other next gen MMO comes out. It’s worth buying a founders pack if you really wanna try the game that badly.

  5. OMG i have to wait till mid july just to get the beta version? well i’ve waited two years to see a notice like this so a couple weeks more isn’t much of a deal haha.


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