Back in July, Trion Worlds announced plans for server Evolution in ArcheAge — or as the rest of us might think of it, server transfers. These transfers are a bit different from standard transfers, however, as Trion will be moving all affected players onto a completely new server rather than simply moving some from one server onto another that already has a long-standing population.

These transfers have officially begun, with twelve servers impacted. The breakdown is as follows:

North America – These servers will no longer accept any transfers into them.

  • Ollo, Tahyang, and Salphira will be evolved into CONVICTION.
  • Morpheus, Nazar, and Hanure will be evolved into THUNDERWING.

Europe – These servers will no longer accept any transfers into them.

  • Kyprosa, Dahuta, and Rangora will be evolved into TEMPEST.
  • Leviathan, Anthalon, and Sirothe will be evolved into RETRIBUTION.

Full details on the evolution, including information on player compensation packs, is available on the Trion Worlds site.

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  1. After reading this articled I got inspired to reinstall the game and get through the starting zone of one of the races. Let me tell you how crappy this game is…

    The world is empty and barren. There are only NPCs and mobs where you have quests in, nowhere else. Getting a mount is a trivial task, not like in Vanilla WoW (which I’m currently playing) where getting a mount is a f-ing achievement.

    The two main focuses of the game are the class system and crafting, if you aren’t interested in PvP or crafting, there is no place for you in this game. And even if you are, don’t bother, because the game is dead.


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