ArcheAge Introduces Its December Update Today, Featuring The Return Of The Battle of Mistmerrow

There's also game-wide improvements to enhance character growth and facilitate exploration.

Matthew D'Onofrio
By Matthew D'Onofrio, News Editor Posted:

ArcheAge December 2023 Update

The December update for ArcheAge is here.

Players can now enter The Battle of Mistmerrow again, which adds a festive twist to the Faction War — where Nuia and Haranya factions compete to destroy Mistmerrow’s Bloodspires, while Pirates attempt to rebuild them. They can earn rewards such as Honor Points, Improved Infusion Supply Kits, and Mistmerrow Warrior Tokens.

The MMORPG's update also introduces a significant addition with world bosses now spawning twice a day in eight locations within Nuia and Haranya conflict zones. Players who conquer these foes may encounter the new mythic-grade raid boss, Roaring Astor, offering top-tier loot including Locked Gold Crates, Lucid World Boss Infusions, and Unstable Erenor Infusions.

There’s game-wide improvements with this update too: enhancing character growth and facilitating exploration of ArcheAge's expansive locations and activities. Erenor Equipment, in particular, will become more accessible and upgradeable.

Last but not least, ArcheAge is hosting an in-game event until January 11, offering players a chance to earn Mythic Grade Immortal Warden Equipment. Finally, there’s a Twitch event that lets players win various useful items, including Angel Wing Elixirs, Bound Labor Rechargers, and special festive-themed decorations.

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