After a mixup with some of the mounts in the ArcheAge store, Gamigo is now reversing a fix applied last week. If you’re not familiar with the Celestar and Lunaris mount issue, it seems the Korean version of the mounts were included in the western versions of the game. As noted on the thread announcing the “normalization” of the mounts on the forums, this wasn’t intended. As a result, the devs opted to slow the mounts down to their intended speeds.

Players, however, weren’t pleased with this decision, as they felt they’d been duped into buying a faster mount only to end up with something else.

As of today, there’s good news for those players, Gamigo and XL are looking at rolling the mounts back to their original speed — after some testing, of course. This news came as an update to the original post found on the ArcheAge forums.

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  1. Are they still using the trion launcher? as I won’t use it cause it sucks, lol
    I went there the otherday and Trion’s still in your face.


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