Word Play: The Age Of ArcheAge Is (Almost) Upon Us 4

In real life, a larder is a “cool area for storing food prior to use,” a household staple that was largely replaced by refrigeration in modern times. In ArcheAge, a larder is used for aging various goods that can be made into trade packs — and since trade packs are a big deal in the ArcheAge economy, larders are a big deal.

gamigo was planning an update to ArcheAge that would have affected larders, but tried to give players enough lead time to deal with it. However, on Friday night, an unexpected crisis forced the game to undergo unscheduled maintenance on North American servers, wiping out larders and, with them, the hopes and dreams of many would-be farming magnates.

The best part is that gamigo isn’t going to be able to replace the lost larders but is instead “in discussion with the team at XL Games regarding compensation” for NA servers, according to a post on the official Discord (via Reddit).

Affected players are understandably upset, and while I don’t mean to trivialize the effect it’s going to have on the in-game economy, a search for “larder” on Reddit brings up — well, a fair number of topics, some with a decent number of upvotes, but not nearly the rage and fury we’re used to seeing from an MMO crisis. I don’t know if that means that ArcheAge doesn’t have enough players to warrant the torches and pitchforks we’re used to seeing or if LarderGate just isn’t that big of a deal for most players. Come on, angry ArcheAge players, you can do better! Burn it all down!

Oh, and also, something called a “Paysafecard” and its provider, HiPay, is no longer being accepted in the ArcheAge store. I’ve never heard of it, but with a name like “Paysafecard,” it seemed like it would totally be a way to pay safely, but the ArcheAge team “received multiple reports” about the cards not working properly, so they’ve been temporarily disabled while gamigo works with HiPay to figure out the issues. Maybe people were using the cards to try and buy larders …

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  1. Paysafecard is actually pretty reliable and well known back then. You can still find them in some of convenience store ( gas station, walgreeens, cvs,…). Back then I mainly use them for Facebook games. I believe you can use them for Black Desert Online right now as well.


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