Utilizing Valve’s new Early Access feature, Archeblade from Codebrush Games has opened its doors to players on Steam. Early Access is Steam’s way for developers to release their games to the public before the product is finalized. Usually this means purchasing the game first, but since Archeblade is Free-to-Play it merely means players can begin progressing through open beta without fear of an account wipe.

CodeBrush CEO, S.B. Jin has stated “there is a lot more to implement” in Archeblade citing new characters, maps and game modes all in the works. Aside from some balance issues I experienced during the game’s closed beta, there was a lot to like about ArcheBlade. What are your impressions of it?

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  1. I dont get why this game have such bad quality. I am not sure if its just me but even if i change it to high quality the character and map is pixelated/blurry? i was watching the review on MMOHut and my graphics isnt as comparable to theirs. Can anybody help?

  2. This game is pretty fun but pretty laggy and get
    Bored but if you are bored and wanna play a time killer
    Game its not bad at all however i recommend warface instead
    Of this game 😉

  3. i understand what you were meaning and i really didnt mean any disrespect. i just hate that if its an mmo, its a wow clone and if its a shooter its a cod clone. cheers! 😀

  4. this game is just pointles there is nothing to play for, heroes unlocks only for real $, no skill cap that you could get better at, if some one starts punshing you most likely you will die.

  5. If you’re complaining, it hasn’t come into full open beta yet. It’s barely in Early Access. Not everything is finished. I have a good time playing, just waiting for the rest of graphic options to open up.

  6. at first I thought this game was going to be MMORPG, turns out it’s just a Brawler type game (PvP)

    And yea, balance is out of wack… many players are playing range characters now because they tend to win more, especially since you can easily dodge melee attacks WHILE still able to own the melee attacker with your range attacks (not to mention most range attacks are 180~360, so you can randomly shoot and still kill targets)

  7. A decent light-weight brawler. It’s good fun with a very high skill ceiling… given that you dont lagg, which seems to be a problem even with local servers.

  8. Tried off and on today to get into a room with no success. I’m either “too late” or it gets filled and I get the infinite circle crap. I’ve about given up on it. I played during the alpha and stuff and it was fun but hell if I’m able to get into a damn room now.

  9. another pvp game… nuff said.

    it will go the way of Fury and the other full pvp games.

    there are VERY few full pvp players and the ones that are in existance have already found their favorite pvp games and aren’t looking to start over.

    It’s the PVE crowd that looks for new things because there are only so many times you can level to the end of a game thats a clone of every other game before you want more.

  10. i agree that graphics do not make the game but the WoW and CoD clones part made that statement void. WoW was an EQ clone and CoD was not the first arcade shooter.(ill be flamed forsaying that not being the point of your comment but still. When people even mention that, their point is void)

    • I was merely using those games as examples since many people were introduced to those respective genres because of those games. People are able to grasp the concept of a WoW clone better than an EQ clone in my opinion. 🙂

  11. The game is preety fun, at first though, what I don’t like is that there aren’t any combos that require you to be skilled and there is no way to counter combo, so basically if the enemy gets you they will always have the upper hand on you. Also most of the ranged attacks are op, they deal the same amount of damage that normal attacks do so there is no reason to not use them. I got a 7 killstreak by only using my range abilities while letting my team mates fight, oh and btw that was the 3rd match I had ever played. The characters can only be bought with real money.The gameplay is fun overall but gets really repetitive, this is a game somebody would play for fun, not hardcore.

  12. this is like what the 5th time this game has gone into beta now? i have it downloaded but never got to play it T_T i will not play it now either

      • This guy compares everything that isn’t even related! I swear, everyday I get a spam message on mmobomb forum from uguran and he always just compares two completely unrelated games to each other explaining how one game is shit and the other one is pure brilliance. Oh yes, he talks in his standard tarzan english so it gets even more hilarious!

    • Smite has different goals than this game for the most part. The only real similarities I can think of are the third person view.

    • I didn’t know graphics were everything in a game. As someone who reviews practically every F2P game coming out, it’s pretty refreshing to see a game at least try to be different. I am tired of WoW and CoD clones!

    • Graphics aren’t a reason to discredit a game, gameplay is what matters.

      Unfortunately with this game, the gameplay also sucks.

    • played for 30 mins. game seems laggy even with 60 ping. gets boring since theres no items … i dont know man . having different builds always turn me on in games.

    • i hate all mobas except for this one (multiplayer online battle arena, yes its a moba)

      action combat/combos over 1234 and min maxing items anyday

      and for those that get bad graphics thats a bug learn to read discussions and find a fix
      ( im not having this bug)

      altho i am a bit dissapointed that all they did with all this time is add 1 new map & char, than lock out 1/3 of the characters to buy (along with many skins)

      but its still fun to get on randomly, best mode atm for me is capturing bases/giant hovering crystals & free for all


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