Archlord 2, a Korean MMO developed by Webzen seems to be the latest MMORPG headed to the West. The medieval fantasy-based MMO launched just last week in Korea, with intentions to launch in NA, EU, and South America sometime in 2014.

Archlord 2 of course, is the sequel to the original Archlord which was highly focused on PvP, with individual players able to rise to the status of supreme ruler and govern over the game’s economy as they see fit. Archlord 2 appears to be retaining that same system while also boasting 40 massive battlefields where realms will clash with other realms.

Small-scale PvP modes and castle siege are also on the table as is an extensive amount of PvE, including dungeons filled with giant monstrosities. Players will be able to side with one of two factions initially and choose from three unique races. Additional races and content are planned for future release.

Additional information regarding Archlord 2’s transition to the west will be made available sometime in the future. If you happen to read Korean you can check out the official site now.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Its a big mistake bringing this game outrside Korea under webzen.
    Webzen outside Korea doesnt handle things correctly.
    Look what happened to artic combar, soul of the ultimate nation.
    They let the games die…
    Same will hapen with the others…

    • AC never made it out of Korea and was canned because the maps were easily exploited (camping etc.)
      To make such assumptions about an entire studio is …

    • You are the type of person that says everything is a WOW clone or copy. No game is a copy of wow. Stop saying this crap & think of something original to say & get off the WOW copy ban wagon. Just because WOW started the mmorpg 3D style games dose not mean other games are a copy. DDO, LOTRO, STO, SWTOR, DCU, Champions, Allods, War Frame, Rift, Are all MMORPG’s & WAY different than WOW & so is this. Go troll that crap somewhere else. I am so tired of people saying this & that are WWO copy’s & clones , Total bull shit!

      • Couple points here:
        1. LotRO was originally there to cash in on WoW players who liked lord of the rings, in fact the original game at release had the same combat, inventory management, money and interface as WoW set in a LotR world. So yes, until they realized they could actually make money on it, it WAS a WoW clone.

        2. Allods was designed to pull players away from WoW by offering a game of similar immersion and depth that plays the same, but for free. It handles factions races and classes the same way as WoW, plays the same in combat and provides very similar graphics.

        3. Warframe isn’t an MMO or an RPG.

  2. Archlord was a good game but they took to long to bring Archlord 2 out so dont think it goin to be as pop now days same as Cabal2 they still not brought it out EU and now alot people goin off it as takes to long


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