Webzen is now serving up an Open Beta for players interested in trying out their latest MMORPG, Archlord 2. Self described as a “Brutal PvP MMO” Archlord 2 offers players the opportunity to join one of two factions and battle it out across a variety of PvP scenarios including 400 player battlegrounds and open world contested zones.

The move to open beta comes with a patch that increases the level cap from 30 to 41, adds the Aquila Arena Skirmish, increases basic attack speeds by 20% and slightly adjusts how secondary attributes are calculated.

While Archlord 2 features a fair amount of instanced dungeons to tackle, Webzen will be primarily focused on monitoring PvP during the Open Beta in order to fine-tune combat over the course of the summer. Regardless of which style of content you focus on though, Webzen wants to remind players that Archlord 2 is an MMO focused on party-based content and not solo questing.

For this reason, Webzen is recommending players try and group up as much as possible to enjoy their time within the MMO. It also doesn’t hurt to have someone watching your back as you gather crafting resources in a contested zone.

If you’re interested in downloading Archlord 2 and trying it out for yourself, you can find out more information and the link to download the game here.

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  1. this game is Pure shit

    NO ONE IS ONLINE THE SERVERS ARE ALWAYS AT LOW POP they are lucky to have even 50 players online the whole game looks like a freaking ghost town with no one leveling

    you can go hours without seeing anyone when you make it past lvl 10-15

    the PVP is just down right dumb you can only enter a BG 3 times a day….. and the times you can it usually at early early morning

    they sell fashion which adds uber stats its going to be another webzen P2W piece of garbage…

    avoid this if you want to save on your download quote as you will uninstall it soon after

    its full of exploitable bugs there was a guild exploit where people had 200k HP yep thats right and could 1 hit kill anyone…… you normally have around 6-8k hp BTW

    the graphics look like the game was made in 2000 its just another heap of junk made quickly as a cash grab for suckers

    the US server is full of spanish retards even tho is 4 different servers closer to their country

    GOLD seller BOTS were there in day one of open beta ROFL

    AND LETS NOT forget webzen HAS NO GM”S all they have to run this game are 2 glorified forum managers hahaha

    i could not believe that what sort of retarded game company only has forum managers to run a whole game?????

    thats just dumb

  2. This game is just terrible. I know some have different taste, but come on.

    It plays like if it was done in the 70’s. Graphic well it could be seen as ok, but the mecanic behind the game is just horrible. Even the combat is slow almost like turn base game. Can’t even dodge the hits from mobs have to click your skill and wait 30sec for the animation to go off and hit the mob, it is a mess right now.

  3. Game doesn’t work. xigncode3 starts, and just stops and nothing happens. Not even going to bothered with a game not working this easily lol

  4. no good mmos lately. just stick with WOW, tera, swtor or something else that is at least a AAA title.

    these garbage korean asian games suck.

    • when its common knowledge mmorpg and a dime a dozen why do most ppl waste the time on a game you are 90% sure not to like?

      good games exist, tired of playing “asian grinders”? WoW is still there for you to GRIND AMERICAN STYLE!

      WoW too old? Play Wildstar

      Too cartoony? Play XIV

      not f2p? well just stick to a b2p or sub game, you will save yourself a small fortune if you ever wish to be competitive in said game. Not to mention any f2p game out of the gate gonna hit you with “BUY SOME INVENTORY” which almost 100% of players do, There goes your one month sub to a game you can quit next month cause “THIS GAME HAS NO CONTENT”


  5. Honestly, I thought this game was going to have an action based combat system as web zen made C9 which has a pretty good combat system I figure they would try to bring that to an MMOrpg. But alas it’s just tab-targeting, so I won’t be playing it.

  6. Just because it’s tab target, doesn’t mean its a bad game. OFCOURSE optimization is going to be shitty, its still in beta. The only valid argument someone has made so far is that the questing is repetitive. I haven’t played it yet and am waiting for a video on it. From what I heard so far is that there isnt any classes and you can do open world pvp very early. This doesn’t sound like a bad game at all. Plus, games aren’t made to run on shit Pcs so stop complaining about optimization. The game looks decent on max…..

  7. Generic theme with generic races and generic gameplay. Don’t even get me started on the horrifically repetitive quests… It borders on painful.

    Give this a pass unless you want to experience the disappointment personally, then by all means give it a download.

  8. I jsut downloaded it. Please guys save yourself some tiem and watch a gameplay video before you start downloading it. I expected it to be more up to date but this feels like some really old game.

  9. If you look for a game that has the old “Tab Target”-cookie cutter gameplay, go for it…
    It’s good in a way, but not as good as the trailers etc. shows it to us. The gameplay feels clunky, movement is meh, the performance is horrible for the graphics used…

    And speaking about graphics: They are dated and i feel like the trailers used an engine, that was never used to create this game

  10. The game itself is ok, great graphics, the combat feels a little more fluid than the beta and i’m loving the races battles, yet it lacks of quest system creativity like by a LOT as there’s only three types of quests lines since lv 1 till 41, go and gather 5 things of wathever, kill 5 mobs and then kill their leader, then you pass to the next town just to start the same quests all over again which is so annoyingly repetitive but other thing thatn that the game’s good.


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