Whether it was planned all along or is a response to the disruptions caused by COVID-19, ArenaNet is mixing things up with its finale to the Icebrood Saga in Guild Wars 2. The Icebrood Saga: Champions is a “a multichapter Living World finale” that will run through May and, presumably, set the stage for the upcoming expansion, End of Dragons.

The roadmap posted today lays out all the details for the next seven months, and it consists of four chapters interspersed with the usual festival events. Chapter 1: Truce drops on Nov. 17, Chapter 2: Power in January, Chapter 3: Balance in March, and Chapter 4: Judgment in May. That last chapter will be an “earth-shattering story finale” that “will be felt throughout Tyria — even across the seas.”

Each chapter of the saga will spawn Dragon Response Missions, where solo players or five-player teams will defend various invasion points from dragon minions. There will also be “global faction mobilization events,” where players can recruit the various peoples of Tyria to aid in those missions.

Finally, after a long delay, voice acting will be coming to the earlier chapters of the Icebrood Saga, after being missing from No Quarter and Jormag Rising. Those will be added in the Nov. 17 update along with Chapter 1: Truce, with a trailer arriving next Thursday, Nov. 5.

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