Following just two months behind its previous installment, Guild Wars 2‘s next story chapter is on tap for a July 28 release. Jormag Rising expands upon the Drizzlewood Coast map from the last chapter, adding a new meta event that has players storming the Frost Citadel to depose the Lich King — wait, wrong cold-themed fortress.

The new update will upgrade the United Legions Waystation Mastery, adding a new Medizooka skill, because even charr medics like using oversized weapons. Cosmetic rewards include a new “shiver” emote, charr-themed weapons, new Stormcaller and Boneskinner weapons, and a new Frost Legion infusion that will turn your character into an ice statue. There are also three new adventures to try out.

You can learn more about Jormag Rising on the GW2 site. Like the previous chapter, this one won’t feature any voice acting until the COVID-19 situation makes it safe to do so. Judging by how things are going in this country, that will still be a while, so if you want voice acting in Guild Wars 2 — as well as, well, just about anything else — dress like a low-level medium armor-wearer.

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