ArenaNet Looks Back At 20 Years Of Guild Wars Art In New Book

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

ArenaNet has never shied away from showcasing its unique art style. Three years before Guild Wars 2's launch, it released The Art of Guild Wars 2, a 128-page book full of lavish illustrations and introductions to many of the people and places in the game that players would become familiar with over the next decade.

In conjunction with Dark Horse, ArenaNet has now released its second Guild Wars art book, commemorating the company's 20th anniversary and offering a look at the progression of the series' art style through both games. The Complete Art of Guild Wars: 20th Anniversary Edition (MSRP: $39.99) is a thicker (208 pages) volume filled with even more eye candy and text descriptions from the two games and all their expansions -- and even the cancelled Guild Wars: Utopia project. No, there aren't spoilers for the third Guild Wars 2 expansion, unless I missed one in my brief skim-through.

It's still quite the package, and a worthy addition to the collection of any Guild Wars fan. You can pick it up via the Dark Horse website, which sells the book direct as well as providing links to several online retailers.

Disclosure: ArenaNet provided MMOBomb with a copy of this book.

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