ArenaNet Reiterates Its Reporting Functionality For GW2 Cheaters


Hacking and botting are concerns for any MMORPG, and ones that players usually hear little about from official channels. Whether that’s due to security concerns or a desire by the developer to not appear negligent, players who do encounter and/or report suspicious behavior usually have little to go on besides a stock “we’re looking into the matter” response.

Today ArenaNet peeled back the curtain a little bit on its procedures regarding such behavior — “to clarify a few misunderstandings of how we steward the game” — in Guild Wars 2 in a post on the forums. Every report is seen by a member of the team, and the game’s dev team is continuously working on ways to prevent and mitigate the issues before players ever see them.

ArenaNet said it “can’t disclose the outcome of your report,” due to “privacy reasons.” That might be more of a a “won’t” than a “can’t,” since other companies, such as Blizzard, are perfectly willing to let you know that your report has generated disciplinary action.

Admittedly, today’s post doesn’t say much beyond the usual boilerplate regarding such an update, but it’s nice to hear from someone important every now and then that your reports aren’t just being tossed into the void. And once those additional security measures are implemented, ArenaNet is hopeful it will “be able to share the result of these efforts as they progress.”


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