ArenaNet has gone on another small Guild Wars 2 account suspension spree. Yesterday, the company’s communication manager posted an announcement on the forums stating that 1583 accounts had been suspended due to them having been found using “illicit third-party software.”

The suspended accounts will remain that way for a minimum of six months and ArenaNet has no intention to allow for appeals this round. The post closes with a warning to any other player who may have similar software installed but just haven’t been caught yet:

In addition to putting your game account at risk, using illicit third-party software on your machine may subject you to security risks such as malware or viruses. If you have installed any of these programs on your computer, please remove them.

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  1. I never played this game. Seems people with bots and cheats because they are too busy in there life to play the game normally. I believe that more than 1500 people cheat.. But have like different cheat engines. Or more sophisticated bots. So many games not enough time XD.

  2. I may not like Guild Wars 2 anymore (mostly because I play Virtual Reality MMOs now.) But this is one of the things I love about Guild Wars 2 they now how to punish Players who use 3rd Party Programs.

  3. Can you write a full story about it :3
    Adding the part when they used a temporary spyware to read and store all the processes their players were running while playing gw2 as well as the part in which they banned everyone who were running 5 specific programs, without checking if the programs were actually interacting with the game itself?


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