Burda:ic today announced the official launch of ARGO Online. After months of extensive testing through Closed Beta and Open Beta phases, the post-apocalyptic Earth of the 23rd century is now open to all players who dare to take on its perils, teaming up with thousands of others in a race to help their chosen faction dominate the war-ravaged future world.

Survivors of World War IV, a perilous and destructive conflict that brought the Earth to its knees, banded together and learned to survive in the harsh conditions that covered the planet. Over time, these inhabitants divided into two groups, the tech-savvy Noblian and the nature-loving Floresslah, each advocating their own method to reclaim the Earth. Divided by their differences, Noblian and Floresslah have now separated completely, each looking to control the planet’s ultimate resource: Earthdium. Only time will decide which side will prevail.

To learn more about the steampunk world of ARGO Online, visit the official site at: http://argo.en.alaplaya.net/


    • This is the gameplay video from their site, it is titled as such as well.
      I think the company is confused as to what constitutes as gameplay.

      • The confusion lies with the viewer. Instead of cutscene video, they show what the game actually looks like while you play the game. Because there is no player in the video doen’t make it a cutscene. This is actual landscape within the game, and the environment to expect.


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