My.Com and Obsidian Entertainment have unleashed a powerful force into their Tier 9 Main Battle Tank line-up in the free-to-play tank combat game Armored Warfare. The Challenger 2 originally debuted in 1988 under the British flag and was designed to dominate any conflict in which it was deployed. Renowned for its lethal combination of speed, excellent armor and formidable firepower, this Tier 9 Main Battle Tank will truly shine in the thickest of battles and it is now available for all players in the game’s open beta.

In other Armored Warfare news, the dev team has released a preview of the upcoming 0.12 update on the game’s official site. This update, currently scheduled to be released in NA and the EU on December 17th, will add the usual game fixes and balancing changes, but also offers a few key items up to players in the preview notes. These updates include:

  • Battle-Hardened vehicle status – Tier 3 or higher vehicles can now take on “Battle Hardened” status by spending gold. This buffs the vehicle to a “Premium-lite” status and provides additional benefits.
  • Camouflage System overhaul – Camouflage penalties will no longer just be “on or off” but instead can fluctuate based on factors such as distance moved. Sitting in one position and firing repeatedly will stack camouflage penalties.
  • Tank Destroyer rebalance – Tank Destroyer class ability is now an active ability with its own rules as opposed to a passive ability.
  • PvE overhaul – All maps have been overhauled and randomized spawn points improved.
  • Statistics Sharing
  • Make sure to visit the official site for all the particulars you can expect when the update rolls in on December 17th.

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