Plenty of Asian free-to-play games travel to the West, but Armored Warfare is going in the other direction — sort of. The F2P tank battler’s new season, Spirithaven, just launched today and it takes players to East Asia for story missions while introducing a number of vehicles from the area.

The season’s story includes a new special operation to take down the leader of the National Patriot Activist Army, who’s arrived in Japan and carries with him Enigma’s command center coordinates. A contract mission campaign is similar to the one offered in the last season, with the reward of a Type 89 Tier 7 AFV for commanders who can see it to its completion.

The three new vehicles arriving in today’s update are the Type 16 MCV Tier 7 TD, a wheeled tank destroyer with target assistance; the Harimau Tier 8 LT, a speedy Indonesian tank; and the K21 Tier 8 AFV, an armored fighting vehicle from Korea. Three more vehicles are expected to be added later in the season.

Season Five also comes with a new battle UI and overall graphics improvements. Learn more about the new season and its features on the Armored Warfare site.

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