Armored Warfare’s big guns have reached the battlefield! Update 0.15 is now live, bringing with it six Tier 10 vehicles, two new PvE missions, and various other changes.

The Tier 10 vehicles will be unlocked via a token system, similar to how Tier 9 tanks were unlocked. There’s also a new Tier 7 premium MBT, the Merkava 2B, in the shop. The PvE missions, Operation: Prometheus and Operation: Meltdown task players with recovering military cargo and securing a nuclear reactor, respectively.

In addition, Update 0.15 revamps the garage UI and improves the light tank battle ability while slowing down the hull and turret traverse speeds for heavier tanks, to make it easier for lighter, faster vehicles to flank them. You can read the full set of changes on the Armored Warfare site.


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