When Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis launches, the original PSO2 will still be around. However, some things will be changing — and we don’t just mean graphical updates. According to a recent post on the PSO2 site, log-in bonuses will no longer be available for the original game, the Fresh Finds Shop will go away (but kind of get a replacement), and certain features for returning players — as well as the friend referral system — will go away. Players will also no longer be able to receive the Blue or White ARKS Badges. Scheduled Urgent Quests (UQs) will also fall by the wayside as UQs will now only be spontaneous and UQs that are currently ONLY scheduled will move to be part of the spontaneous cycle.

This doesn’t mean that everything is gone, in fact, things like rewards for ARKS Missions, Special Presents, and PSO2 Day will be adjusted, with some reward items being increased.

Another change PSO2 players will see with the launch of NGS is that the names of certain gender settings will be modified to match those in NGS.


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