As Nightingale’s Launch Creeps Closer, A New Dev Update Provides Details On What To Expect

Keybinds are coming, the HUD’s getting some love, and the game is launching on GeForce Now.

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Nightingale Pre-Launch Dev Update Video

We have five days until Nightingale officially launches – what with the date being moved up and all following a successful server stress test. With the game only days away, the Nightingale team has dropped another developer update, offering players insight into how the official launch version of the game will differ from the stress test version, as well as general updates and its addition to GeForce Now.

One of the big differences between the stress test and launch is that keyboard and mouse players will have control over their keybinds. Unfortunately, this won’t apply to controllers immediately, but it’s still a big deal. This, combined with the upcoming UI/UX changes, should improve the quality of play for a lot of people. These changes include things like being able to simply drag things onto the hotbar and hiding the HUD when you don’t need it to be there.

Another post-stress test change is an adjustment to hail duration. This will still exist in the game, but the time will be more limited and it should be less deadly. Of course, the launch will also include bug fixes and should hopefully have fewer crashes as well.

As noted above, the game will be coming to GeForce now. This doesn’t mean the game will be free to play, as you still have to buy games to play them on the streaming platform. Typically, the games are bought through Steam, the EGS, or another platform and players connect their accounts.

The video also details the Vaults feature. These are special areas with different challenges players can take on to earn rare resources. The vaults can be accessed in various ways, and how they are accessed determines how they work. The higher-end “Apex Vaults” are intended for 4 to 6 players, although they can be attempted solo.

A large section of the video focuses on changes to the realm card system. This includes having a new way to activate the minor cards when in a realm as well as being able to swap them via transmuters.

The video ends with an FAQ, addressing topics like the game’s cost ($30 at launch with regional Steam adjustments applied.), whether it’s first or third person (It’s both at launch, thanks to their accessibility choices.), and whether it can be played solo. This last one had a bit more detail. You can play solo if you want, or with up to five other people. The thing is, the game does not scale based on the number of players in a realm. Players may have to adjust the difficulty themselves. More details and answers can be found in the video below.

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