MOBA’s can be an exceptionally pesky genre since your level of enjoyment can be directly linked to the skill level of your teammates. After-all, the MOBA genre rewards teamplay and quick skill reaction, but what about gamers who aren’t too quick on their feet or enjoy playing with others in a competitive environment? Until recently, I’d have said that kind of gamer is looking into the wrong genre. Now? Well now there really is a MOBA for everyone.

Arena of Heroes was just released into open beta and is a turn-based MOBA where one player controls an entire team of four “heroes”. Right out of the gate the MOBA has removed two key elements which have defined all MOBAs until now. Whether that was a good gameplay decision remains to be seen.

Players can choose from the game’s twelve heroes with four available for free and two more added in the rotation every other week. Because the game is turn-based and also available on mobile devices, the developers have added a handy asynchronous mode which allows players to continue their turn at any time without fear of penalty. Handy since MOBAs matches can take a while.

You can find additional information or download the open beta client by visiting the official Arena of Heroes website here.

The MOBA is currently available on both PC and iOS devices.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Sounds like a cool idea, but I have a feeling you would be waiting awhile for someone to take their turn. I’d try it if I had a rl friend that wanted to play. Then again, I’d rather play a cool board game.

  2. hmm, turn-based in moba, well thats a new concept but it doesn’t look like it is done rite, I love playing turn-based games competitively since I play TCG in real life very tough but fun, tournaments were awesome. 😀 I really wish that these games would at least learn from TCGs why they are so competitive and fun and yet this is made with weak strategy and almost an insult to turn-based. too bad Carte is closing down in july 🙁

  3. The last thing a MOBA needs is to have the feeling of slow combat. Turn based and MOBA? it’s so counterproductive.

    • Have to agree and I won’t touch this with a thousand foot pole so I can’t say I can judge it fairly, however my biggest gripe with all current mobas are the huge amount of time each match takes. Now they want you to wait on an opponent to input commands too, think I will pass.

  4. Stupid idea of a turn-based MOBA. MOBA is fun when it’s fast paced and really complicated combos.
    That are the elements of MOBA and this is not a real one.

  5. wtf is this? why would people wanna play such stupid games on mobile. my god the mobile gaming is so stupid. we are in 2013 and gaming has gone back to ps2 graphics.. so dumb.

  6. Not necessarily bad for pads but really not appealing to a pc unless it is in a browser and games end in like 10 minutes tops. Like a more graphical card game.

  7. Turn-based MOBA. Sounds almost as odd as turn-based first person shooter. Well, at least they are trying a different approach.


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