If you purchased a Founder’s Pack for Trion Worlds’ free-to-play game Atlas Reactor then listen up! You’ve now got a chance to increase the amount of rewards your purchase actually gets you. Trion Worlds has opened up 5 levels of extra perks (with a 6th secret perk still to be revealed) over on the Community Rewards site. These rewards range from extra bonus credits to new taunts for all characters.

How do you get these rewards? Participate in a number of promotional and community oriented activities. Share videos of gameplay, work up some fan art, make match predictions, kill devs, and more. Some of the challenges have already been completed by the community but even more challenges will be revealed soon.

Check out all the details and get started, Freelancers!

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  1. i saw so many same style games, all down, this will be next, gameplay is too slow and boring for online game, you progress super slow, its not like you playing heroes of might and magic, thats the killer.


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