There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding X-Legend’s anime MMORPG Aura Kingdom. The MMO began its Founder’s beta just a few days ago, and publisher Aeria Games found their servers immediately crushed by the influx of players. The servers have since stabilized, but Aeria is now preparing for an even larger influx of players.

Starting on Monday, December 23rd, 2013 Aura Kingdom will open its doors ever so slightly more and begin allowing in closed beta participants. Interested gamers can sign-up for a chance at a closed beta key on on Aura Kingdom’s official site, or they could keep their eyes glued to MMOBomb for some upcoming news concerning beta keys. Even better, why not do both?

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  1. hey guys, if u dont like paying, then just wait for open beta..Aeria doesnt force u to pay so why complain? in EE or GF the item mall provides extra items for ur char that u have to buy using real money but aeria make it fair enough to provide costumes and mounts for non-ap buyers so why complain? whether u buy it or not, for me its just the same :p

  2. i got a CBT key and activated it, but when i log into the game it tells me that my account is innactive, so i guess i will be waiting for 23rd december

  3. Spunkify , you should probably make another post letting people know that if you go to their facebook right now and fill out an application , you get insta closed beta access 🙂 . have a nice day!

  4. I don’t mind paying for these digital goodies, but wow… that is way too expensive. even the lowest one.

    I paid for Hero of the North Neverwinter. $250

    well… yeah I learned my lesson.

  5. People just don’t understand that the players pay for the stuff you get from the Founder’s Pack (+ to support the devs), the fact they also get to test the game before everyone else is just a bonus and a thank you for supporting them, also as mentioned, the servers crashed when the Founders’ beta started which means it was also to test the servers with the minimum amount of players to get ready for a bigger wave of players. About the cash shop, no one knows yet what it will be like when the game is released so you shouldn’t just assume it’s p2w, for example Aeria’s Eden Eternal’s cash shop really doesn’t make it a p2w game, and as they are kind of similar games I’d assume the cash shops would be similar too.

  6. I used to think founders packs were a nice idea for players to support an indie game that just needed a few more dollars to launch. Now since its become normal for EVERY game to have it I hate it.

    Sad thing is that its here to stay since so many impatient idiots fall victim to the hype and pay up. If I was the CEO of Aeria I would be laughing so hard at people PAYING to test the game for them and whose characters and items that they get playing the game during CB will be wiped anyway forcing them to restart with all the other people who didn’t pay a dime.

  7. I think its insane that so many freaken free to play mmorpgs are using the damnable founder pack scheme to make players pay to beta test their games.

  8. Fair price?! Are you sh*ting me?! FP for 20-60$ dont give anything special(or really helpful like it was on Tera when it starts) and i dont talk about packs for 200-300$(that is totally Aeria gready-style).
    But still i try my hand in this game and i dont get my hopes up for their cash shop to be more humane.(and its becouse the game run by Aeria).

    • Problem is, you want to play a game they had a lot of work programming it needed art stylist music makers, managers publishers and all that stuff completelly for free? The real problem is the freemium model the mobile publishers use. I think it is more than reasonable paying 20 bucks to help develop the game.

      • You did now explain the process of creating a game from start to final which applies to nearly every game available out there. Still there are games who are free despite your statement that every game has to ask for wage in return for creating it, or adding additional features. And yes I expect it to be completely free if it is supposed to be free-to-play, otherwise they should rethink, and rebrand their payment title.

        It is unreasonable to pay 20 monetary values. What is this? An indie game!?

        • Doesn’t really matter to some us who actually think the price is worth it, if you don’t think the price is worth it then don’t buy it, simple as that, everyone have different values and I don’t regret buying mine at all because thats my value and I’m loving it.

  9. The game is awsome. By far the best anime MMORPG. I bought my founder and I do not have anything to complain. They made a great job and paying is by far more than fare. Peace to all and Happy Hunting.

  10. Man, I really hope I can get my hands on one of the CB keys 🙂
    This game looks brilliant, except I fear that everyone will start making grenadiers. Judging by the availability of “Founder Packs” and all, this is definitely a P2W game, kinda reminds me of Neverwinter and the buzz regarding that.


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