Less than a month after launching the autobattler Prophecy on Steam’s Early Access, the developers have decided to close the servers and “go back to the drawing board.” If you haven’t heard about Prophecy until now, that’s okay, we weren’t all that familiar with it either. What we do know is that it’s mythological themed and Smite players might recognize the art work on the game’s site.

No, they didn’t rip off Hi-Rez’s art. As it turns out, Prophecy Games is an Atlanta-based company that struck a licensing deal with Hi-Rez to use Smite characters in their game. According to the FAQ, “they will look very similar but not always have the same abilities.”

Whether or not returning to the drawing board means Prophecy itself will return in some way or a completely new game is on the way from the company remains to be seen. Between the game’s launch on Steam and today’s announcement on Twitter, Prophecy Games held a $10,000 tournament. Despite this, it seems the game just wasn’t retaining players as they’d hoped.


  1. Imagine playing auto Monopoly what a bore it would be, its exactly that for video gaming, auto just ruins a idea.


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