Today, MU Online kicked off Speed Event Server Season 2, opening it up to all players. Participants on the server can earn a maximum of 20,000% EXP as well as top-ranked items designed to help level new characters.

As with the previous Speed Server Season, this will be a limited time event and will come to an end on August 8. At this time, players will be able to transfer their characters back to Helheim, Midgard, Titan, Asgard, or Vanaheim for free. Keep in mind this is a one time thing and that, except for a few things, all items will be wiped during the return transfer. Players will be able to keep Ruud, Muun, and activated buff items.

In honor of Season 2, the MU team has a few special in-game events kicking off as well. During Season 2, players can earn a variety of rewards, gifts, and more.

Full details on Speed Event Server 2 are available on the MU Online site.

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  1. Maybe you all should actually take the time to investigate this stuff…and if you did report on it?

    1. To access this speed event server you have to use RL $ to purchase a ticket to join it.
    2. After the event is over you then have to use RL $ to transfer from the event server to the normal server.

    Thanks but no thanks, dead game can stay dead


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