Bandai Namco Announces Sunsetting Of Bless Unleashed Console Version

The publishing deal is coming to an end.

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Bless Unleashed Console Shutdown

Everything has its end and it seems that Bless Unleashed’s console version is looking down the tunnel at its. Bandai Namco, the company that has been responsible for publishing the game for Round8 since 2020 announced this week that the partnership would be coming to an end.

For those who love the game, there’s still some time left with it. The company won’t be shutting servers down until November 30. Between now and then, ticketing and other support systems will remain available. GM events will continue to be held as well. But, store purchases have already been shut off, as is common with events like these.

As of yesterday, September 1, players can no longer purchase Lumena or other items via the Sony or Microsoft stores. Those who already had Lumena on their account can now go on a shopping spree, with all items being discounted to 1 Lumena each.

Sadness aside for you Bless Unleashed players, the one thing of note here is that it’s the publishing deal that’s ending. In cases like these, someone else sometimes picks up where the previous publisher left off. There’s nothing mentioned about that happening here, but it’s not completely out of the question. It’s also worth noting that the PC version was not mentioned at this time.

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