Despite Destiny 2’s Lightfall Hype, Its LFG Feature Won’t Be Ready In Time For Launch

Don't worry, there is still a lot to look forward to in Destiny 2's newest expansion

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Destiny 2 Lightfall LFG

One of the largest highlights of Gamescom 2022 was Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion announcement. With the new announcement came the hope that the LFG feature would be included in this new Bungie addition. Sadly, it doesn't look like that will be the case, but the developers do "hope" to have it ready in time for the game's next free raid.

"The thing that's really important for us is that we get LFG in the game before The Final Shape," Game Director Joe Blackburn told Games Radar in an interview. Assistant General Manager Dan McAulifee also said, “I think Joe's aspiration is correct, we're just not gonna put it out before it's ready because a bad version does no one any good." Meaning, that while it won't be in the game with the release of Lightfall, when it is eventually added, it should perform well enough right out of the gate.

Still, LFG is only one of the many features and additions that will be coming to Destiny 2’s latest expansion.

To start, fans that are invested in Destiny’s story will be happy to learn that “In Lightfall, we want to go with this big blockbuster action fantasy," Blackburn explains. There will be an interesting contrast between the current baddy Eramis, and the co-villain of Lightfall, Calus.

Players will also be able to explore a new city that is filled with cyberpunk dystopian angst, and even perhaps a sprinkle of Blade Runner. Players that want to read more about what is coming to Lightfall, please check out the full interview with Blackburn and McAuliffe on Games Radar’s site.

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