Duelyst has a new publisher. Counterplay Games has signed on with Bandai Namco to handle the business aspects of its free-to-play digital CCG and free up the Counterplay team to focus on building a better game.

According to the press release announcing the deal, “shared passion” was the catalyst, as several members of Bandai Namco were “huge fans of Duelyst, playing almost daily.” While Counterplay promises there won’t be any changes to the gameplay in general, at least one administrative task will be required of all Duelyst players: They’ll need to merge their Duelyst accounts with a Bandai Namco account.

To celebrate this big event, CPG and BN are running an event from July 11 to Aug. 1, gifting players with 3 Core Set orbs and a Bandai Namco Healing Mystic skin. The day before, on July 10, they’ll host a Twitch stream discussing the changes and answering questions.


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