As anticipated, The Black Mage has arrived in MapleStory, with a confrontation described as “the most anticipated clash event in Maple history.” That’s until the next most anticipated clash, at least.

If you’re level 200 or higher and have completed the fifth job advancement, you can enter the pleasantly titled Labyrinth of Suffering, to challenge Verus Hilla, the Black Mage’s commander. Once players have accumulated enough Determination, the Black Mage Boss Battle will become available, and his HP will be shared across all worlds, requiring players everywhere to participate in the battle to take him down.

You can also try your hand at a new trio of Defense Missions — Flame Bird Support, Twilight Defense, and Battle at Sea — to further prepare you for the epic confrontation. Alternatively, if all that seems like too much, how about watching some videos that describe the Black Mage and the tumultuous battle to come?

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