Perfect World Entertainment announced the latest update for Battle of Immortals yesterday.

The expansion titled Shifting Tides, is set to continue the story after players’ defeat of Hades. In Shifting Tides players must explore and fight in new lands that push player’s skills and power to their limits as they attempt to locate a source of power to help strengthen the world’s defenses after Hades’ unsuccessful attempt at conquering the gods.

The update is set to bring various new features and content to the action MMORPG, including new solo and group dungeons, additional items, new ability perks, a PvP arena and more.

You can try Shiting Tides for yourself on September 19th when the expansion is set to release. In the meantime, click here to find out more about the expansion or check out the teaser trailer above!

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  1. BOI is quite fast leveling and nice events but they maked new atlantida so i choosed to leave cause i like much more the older than the new >_<

      • Why try to recapture losses? That’s like GW1 coming out with a new expansion after GW2 launched. Its trying to tear your players from being dedicated to one game to half playing two games.

      • Yup , lots of ppl moved to WOI cuss its much more to it then BOI , but yea i play BOI from time to time , but hoping BOI will add more classes and etc.. to boost the game more of its player base ….


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