Battleborn Goes Free-To-Play... Sort Of

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Gearbox is now offering what it's calling a "free trial" of its hero shooter Battleborn, but if you're not into the story portion of the game, you might just consider it free-to-play. The company announced today that players can now pick up the game for free, gaining "UNLIMITED access" to the game's competitive content. This includes modes and maps. And! There are no limits or level caps. Story mode, however, is something you'll have to pay for if you are interested.

The free mode will offer players a weekly hero rotation, offering six out of the 30 currently available heroes each week. When a hero you've been playing is swapped out, you won't be able to use it until the next time it comes around (or you buy it), but the good news is that your progress on the character will carry over to its next appearance.

For those that have already invested in the game, Gearbox is granting them Founder Status and giving them a few perks to go along with it. These include bonus content, Legendary Gear, 1,000 Platinum, 50,000 Credits, Loot Packs and even an exclusive "Founder's Crown Flair item.

Full details on the Battleborn "free trial" are available on the game's official site.

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Discussion (3)

guess 6 years ago
Just take a lost and close this sh!t down. Throw all your resource into Boarderlands 3.
And no more telltale games.

Mochi 6 years ago
They should have gone free-to-play from day 1, then their competition would have only been paladins in the f2p scene rather than overwatch. They were the makers of Borderlands ffs, this game had so much potential and only went f2p when their playerbase started dying.

Nark 6 years ago
To be honest, most people have moved on from arena base shooters now, overwatch and paladins were the main two. I'd be surprised if this title is still here by the end of the year.

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