Battlefield Heroes, the free-to-play cartoon shooter, is turning three-years-old! EA is releasing new content, enhancing game features and giving away exclusive, free items to all players.

The brand-new map, “Fortress Frenzy,” will have players fighting for victory on a small island, where the only way on or off is over six bridges located on each side of the isle. This will be an all-out war of bullets, explosives, powerful abilities, fire-proof underpants, magic and land vehicles for ultimate island control. Also part of this anniversary celebration, Battlefield Heroes is expanding their mission system with more opportunities to earn Valor Points and Experience Points as well as introducing the Treasure Chest to give players special rewards that appear at random upon killing an enemy.

And to really get this celebration off the ground, players who log in between June 25, 2012 and July 1, 2012 will receive two free Party Packs*: one Royal and one National. Each Party Pack will include a Battlefield Heroes Birthday Shirt, a Tricycle Emote that lasts for 3-days and a new Treasure Chest Key.

Battlefield Heroes brings classic Battlefield action to the masses with fun cartoonish graphics and gameplay that caters to players of all skill levels. Battlefield Heroes is easy to pick up and play and has vast character customization and sticky online features so gamers can spend hours building up their characters to win the war.

To claim their free Party Packs, players can log in at then look in the “My Stuff” menu and select “Rewards.”


  1. Battlefield Heroes have had lot of different paths during in creation process and all I can say game have improved in terms of f2p in better way much more than it was from December 2009 to October 2011. New content is coming with great speed and freebies have finally got some love what was missing for a long time.
    I wish game will still keep updating this path.

    Rokka, Battlefield Heroes player since the Closed Beta.

  2. i play a lot of time bfh and all guys who write the game its ptw its not right if u are noob $ dont help u, all player must buy weapon but nothing more game its free and have realy good suport, 6 years and stil new map and items, that game never die:)

    • BFHeroes is a free-2-play game. Yes, the prices of weps and stuff are high, but buying wepons does not garant your victory. With skill you can own the battlefield.

      Also with the claw and tresure chests you can win unlimited items everyday.

      The only real problem are some hackers, as happens in almost every online game.

      Long life to BFHeroes!

    • And don’t forget its lovely sense of humor. 🙂
      Battlefield Heroes has made me laugh so many times because of the whackiness that goes on in the matches. XD

  3. I won’t even play this game again, I played a couple years back, in the very beginning, it was a very nice game, with only cosmetics battlefunds stuff, then I were in heaven, that until the golden guns came out, it was the start of the pay to win terror that the game would become. The golden guns actually were normal guns painted gold, I felt something would soon happen, that’s when some time later battle rewards (valor points) wasn’t that easy to acquire as it was, and you didn’t buy weapons for months like it was, but for a day what would have been 3 months before, and there were Uber weapons and the battlefunds weapons, then the game, for me, died.

    • I spen like $60 trying to keep up with this game a month the last few months i played it.. Thats quite a penny for a free 2 play game (which i would average about $12 a month). It’s too bad too, because this game was a blast to play. I might try and go back and see if the p2w model has since diminished,,, but i doubt it.


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