On February 19, Stunlock Studios’ MOBA Brawler Battlerite Royale will officially launch on Steam, leaving Early Access and the cost to get in behind. On that date, the game won’t only go free-to-play, but will also include a big update.

Details on the new update have yet to be provided, although Stunlock does promise that they’ll be revealed in the coming weeks. At the same time, the company has plans for a major update to the original Battlerite game — which will also be released on the 19th.

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  1. This is such a scam. They tried to sell this mediocre, boring trash for $20, now when they saw even that doesn’t work, they are going to make it F2P.

    I spit on their game and I spit on them. They disgust me, as well as all desperate bunch trying to cash in on the stupid fad.

    • You really should get your facts straight before you say something.
      From the very beginning they announced that it was EA ( Early Access ) that will be buy to play and once it is over the game will be F2P, just like Battlerite. Those that bought BRR EA will get all current and future champions unlocked as well as some cosmetics for buying and participating in EA.
      There was nothing more, they never switched any payment methods or anything of the sort. Try to always check the info PROPERLY first.


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