Blade & Soul‘s Endless Night update is now live, and it’s chock full of new things for fans of the MMORPG to enjoy. First and foremost is the third specialization for the Warlock class, the Reaver, described as “a shadowed demoniac who bends the rules of life and death.” This class lets you shift into an avatar of the grim reaper itself (So why don’t they call the specialization “Reaper”? Maybe to avoid confusion with Guild Wars 2.) and unleash a barrage of deadly skills that either consume the time you can stay in the stance or add to it.

If you’re creating a new Warlock/Reaver and don’t feel like taking the time to level up your creation, NCSoft has you covered. Players can pick up a level 60 character boost and Reaver Reinforcement and Support Package for free from the Hongmoon Store for free until August 11.

And what is a death-dealing avatar of death to do with himself or herself? Why, save a helpless village, of course! The Horde & Gourd runs until August 11 and sees players surviving waves of enemies attacking the peaceful Kaebi Village. Survive for eight minutes to earn the best rewards.

You can also earn Enchanted Tickets from the event, as well as through other means during the Summer of Enchantment, such as daily logins and the Dragon Express Exchange, in the updated Hongsil’s Treasure Draw for chances at even greater loot.

Learn about everything that’s a part of the Endless Night update via the patch notes on the Blade & Soul site.

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