A few weeks ago, Jason Winter wrote a piece detailing the preview he attended for Everquest 2’s upcoming Altar of Malice expansion. At that time, the “shh it’s a secret” game was still running on the new Aerakyn playable race. SOE pulled back the curtain finally, and here’s the particulars.

These scaled and winged beings are neutral by nature and are seeking to establish a new homeland on Norrath after having to leave their birthplace because of Kerafyrm, the Prismatic Dragon. They’ll be playable in two forms, Aerakyn and Noble Aerakyn. While both types have appearance wings that upgrade as you level, wing battle animations, and content specific to their race, only the Noble Aerakyns have the ability to use wing mounts and a special appearance weapon.Pricing:

  • Aerakyns – 2000 Station Cash – $20 USD
  • Noble Aerakyns – 4200 Station Cash – Approximately $40 USD but SC is not available in just this amount, you’ll need to buy 5000 SC for $45
  • Upgrade from Aerakyn to Noble Aerakyn – 2200 Station Cash (makes sense!)
  • Noble Aerakyn with an Additional Character Slot – 4800 Station Cash
  • Noble Aerakyn, Heroic Character bauble, and additional character slot – 7700 Station Cash

  • Will you Everquest 2 players be buying this race? Let us know!

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    1. People still play this game? SOE has been so adamant with adjusting its pricing that I’m surprised anyone still plays free at all.

      Also..for $45 I’d hope they’d have the decency to give me a reach around or at least kiss me before they rape my wallet.


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