Warface: Breakout kicks off a new competitive season today as part of a free update available on PlayStations 4 & 5 as well as Xbox One & Series S|X. The new season adds new challenges for Wardens and Reapers while adding improved sniper scopes and all new themed cosmetics for players to unlock.

Sniper scopes are the highlight improvement this update, in that they now feature realistic lenses that the developers feel will provide players with “a more grounded combat experience.” This is because the space around the scope will no longer turn dark while aiming. Players will be able to stay aware of their surroundings and therefore be less easy prey for their enemies.

As for the new cosmetics, the pack contains several items inspired by the new season including a Spring Rabbit and Alpha Wolf character skin for the Reaper and Warden respectively. There are also several epic weapon skins, including Toxic (LWRC SMG-45) and Tear Gas (Desert Tech MDR-C), and the Bloodgrinder knife. Of course, the update also brings, new challenges, avatars, stickers, and more.


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