As the release of Neverwinter‘s next update draws near, the developers keep sharing more and more information about the new zone located conveniently under an inn. Today, the dev team shared info on the kinds of critters players will run into — and more than likely slay repeatedly — with fans in the latest developer blog on the game’s site.

The post only covers four of the creatures found in the Undermountain, Basilisk: Ettercap, Shambling Mound, and Purple Worm.

The Basilisk looks like a lovely six-legged dog-lizard. Although if you get too close to him, all you’ll probably see will be teeth and spines. Like a dog (or lizard) he’s really bitey. He also has no problem with trying to poison or crush those who attract his attention.

The Ettercap is the web-slinger of the Undermountain. Players will need to watch out for this guy anywhere they see old spider webs or groups of spiders.

If you didn’t think vegetation could be dangerous — you obviously haven’t met the Shambling Mound. This guy has abilities that can make just standing near him dangerous, like summoning thorns in the ground under your feet. He’s obviously not someone you want to stand still around.

Finally, the Purple Worm may sound like a really nasty mixed drink, but he’s going to leave you with more than a headache. He moves through the earth, surprising adventurers by popping up from nowhere and making lunch out of them.

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