Black Desert Online Console Version Gets A New Twin Class Character In April

Use ‘mystical fox charm combat’ as Maegu.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Black Desert Console Maegu

A new update is headed to Black Desert on consoles. When it hits, on April 5, it will introduce a new character, the twin class ‘Maegu’. This “Do” wielder summons foxes to aid her in combat. She'll be available for free. Maegu uses a Fox Charm, throwing it to disrupt her opponents before stabbing them with a Binyeo Knife. She’s also very stealthy, provided use uses the Foxspirit ability, projecting a doppelganger that can confuse her enemies and even switch between the two bodies.

The update also adds new Seasonal Servers and seasonal benefits. This season adds new fishing benefits – a completely new thing for seasons in general. Now players can exchange season server-exclusive fish for growth items.

In additional news, console players can also take advantage of special sales beginning April 6. Those who haven’t played yet, but might be interested in doing so, can also participate in the MMORPG's free weekend, as well.

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