Black Desert Online raked it in over the final week of 2014, which could be good news or bad news, depending on your point of view.

An earnings conference call from Korean publisher Daum Kakao details Black Desert’s strong start following the commercialization of the game on Dec. 24. It has 1.5 million subscribers and brought in 2.3 billion Korean won until the 31st, which translates to about $2.075 million USD. The conference call goes on to say that due to Daum’s “accounting standards” (expenses?) the actual figure was 570 million KRW (about $514,000).

On the one hand, it’s a great first week and shows that the game is of a general high enough quality that players are willing to spend on it, and it should bode well for the game’s continued financial future. On the other hand, while BDO doesn’t seem to have the worst cash shop ever, thanks to the previews we’ve seen, you can never be quite sure until you try the game out for yourself. Thinks like XP boosters seem innocent enough until you realize they’re all but necessary to proceed at an acceptable, non-grindy rate. Korean MMOs are notorious for this sort of thing, and maybe revenue was so high because players felt compelled to spend, rather than because they wanted to spend. Let’s hope that’s not the case.

You can listen to the conference call here. The relevant portion starts at about 79:18. Black Desert is scheduled for a Western release in 2016.

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. korean trash games like this will never last they are made the same way to milk maximum cash when the stupid gamer masses realize their profits go down . then companies get desperate and release more rubbish cash shop tricks . im never going to play another korean POS game ArcheAge was enough and the last game .

    game devs cant think outside their small minded views about games they make the same rubbish games over and over nothing changes

  2. umm….. you all realize that this good looking game will have similar controls to C9 right?…. so you wanan combo? shift wwads <– thats a combo and there will only be about 1-2 hot keyed skills to use. otherwise everything else will be simlialr to that combo. compleate and utter trash of a design for a pc game. it like they wanted t obe streetfighter or tekken. that would make sense if it was 2-d fighting game. not in an thankx pass

  3. peasants these days pay even for the worst chinease garbage, kinda sad aswell as hilarious.
    i should make a “take a shit” simulator and fee it 100 bucks plus cash shop stuff like colouring ur poop blue yellow and black, maybe even a rainbow poop.

    • u kidding right ??? LoL is nothing, compared to Dota, and Smite in MOBA, pretty much LOL is now days for kids to play on until they get good enough to play Dota or Smite.

      • Do you even do research or do you even read? League is far more popular than dota or smite. League had a peak of 7 million active players at the same time logged on. And like 60 something million players that played in a month. While dota only has a peak of 1 million players. What he said is true, league is probably the most popular game out there. And from the way I read your message, you are the kid.

        • Cute. You’ll believe any garbage that they spew just to make themselves look good. A majority of the “So called Triple A Title”s will say this just to make you feel like you should play it. Its a pressure tactic. You as a player will NEVER know the real numbers, and they’ll keep it that way. You’re a kid for believing such garbage. (Just putting it out there, I think all 3 suck equally)

          • Yeah well whats funny is that you are certain that he will never know the real numbers but somehow you know correct?Well let me tell you this my friend,i work on a Net Cafe and from the 300 average customers that come through my shift 200 play LoL 3-4 play Dota 2,noone is playing Smite and the rest are playing other games like CoD,WoW and WoT so yeah cry all you want LoL hater but no matter how much you hate that game it IS the most popular game of our times.Get used to it.

  4. U MUST BE KIDDING !!!! it killed all my desire when i readed 2016…. the waiting for a good mmo takes so long.. i hope u give us good news about skyforge at least soon .. thats the other good mmo im looking forward PLEASE 2015!!

  5. so maybe they will speed up the cost to get it on the U.S market i hope. i really want to play it but its taking for ever to come to the U.S


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