You all probably know by know that I’m a fan of Steparu. Steparu’s coverage of Black Desert Online, the upcoming free-to-play title from Pearl Abyss, is very complete and often gives us the first peek at some of the game’s finer points as we wait for it to be released in the West.

Today’s sneak peek shows the current cash shop offerings available in Black Desert Online. While these offerings certainly can, and probably will, change a bit when the game launches in North America, they do provide a bit of an idea on how Pearl Abyss views their monetization options.

First up, the usual. Cosmetic costumes and apparel, including limited time availability pieces, will be available. This is to be expected and probably comes as no surprise to any of us. What may be unexpected is one particular set of items (a helmet, armor, and boots set) does provide a 10% experience boost as a set bonus. This could be a little worrisome for some players.

Mounts, furniture, and other consumable items, like the ability to change your character’s appearance as often as you like, will also be available.

It looks like Black Desert will also sell an item that lets you unbind an item from your character. This would allow players to use real money to effectively gain in game currency by selling said unbound item.

Check out Steparu’s full breakdown and description on what $50 will get you in the current cash shop and stay tuned for more Black Desert news.

Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.


  1. Steparu is a fraud. He admits he is from California and speaks no asian language. He has a few gaming friends translate his questions, then grinds brainlessly on these asian grinders. Skip story, skip cut scenes, skip community: he promotes everything that is wrong in mmorpg: “oh look flashy”.
    And he has nerve to review and score without knowing anything thats going on? I guess they dumbed gaming down so much you don’t need to know.
    Sure these games get english ports time to time, but that doesnt mean I need end game review from a fraud to see “if ill like it”. Korean garbage grinder needs to not come to US.

  2. So far not much to scream pay2win at.
    Exp boosts are the most harmless things a shop can sell besides purely cosmetic items, which is impossible to sustain a game on unless you’re Path of Exile.

    Could be a lot worse.

    People who think exp boosts matter must never play MMOs that are over a month old. Just think about it, if you start an MMO one month after someone, suddenly they’ve already won. You’ve lost. You will apparently NEVER catch up to this person. At least according to everyone screaming pay2win at exp boost items. Exp boost items provide a tiny advantage for the first few days of an MMO, but at the end of the day, you might as well scream pay2win at people who simply play more than you too because boost or not, they’ll be ahead of you too.

    Unbinding items are definite bullsh*t though. The whole “bound item” system MMOs needs to die a horrible death. It’s the most ridiculous system any MMO has ever introduced. It makes sense to bind quest related items but anything outside of that is just absurd to bind to the player.

    • Agreed. If Archage wasnt enough slap to these 2 year old faces that “graphics doesnt mean good game” not sure what will. China has pwe, korea has nexon… All sh1t trails lead to the anus…how to say anus plural? Ani? Anus’? Anuss? Anus’s?

  3. How on earth am I suppose to accurately portray myself in game with a butt so flat it could be used either as a house foundation or as an end table; and the male underwear only gets dirt on it? not hyped for this game

    • It is said that those who do not know history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

      Or in this case we have a set of people who figure their game is a super-special-snowflake and therefore will succeed where everyone else as failed with this kind of nonsense.

      Outlook not so good.

    • Yeah the APEX system is definitely garbage.
      I mean why would we ever want some ****ing peasants to be able to get a subscription simply by playing the game!?
      These people selling APEX for gold should just feed the chinese gold spammers ruining the game economy instead, amirite? That’s WAY better!

      You’re an idiot. People will buy gold regardless of the game having a method of doing so already. Instead of people fueling the chinese gold selling market, it helps both players who will buy gold anyway, and especially players who can’t afford a sub themselves with real money, but play enough to afford it with game money instead.


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